The Project

“There is a wide diversity in our understanding of what gender is and how it should be displayed. Gender is not a dichotomy but a splendid array of diverse experiences and performances”  Petra L Doan (2010: 638)

TRANSforming Spaces is a visual project exploring ways that (trans)masculinity is experienced and expressed and how this shapes and is shaped by the nature and norms of different spaces and social situations.

Visual images offer powerful ways of communicating the experiences of people with transgender identities and histories.  The project involved a researcher collaborating with four men with the broad aim of making their experiences more visible and intervening in and challenging the cis-gendered norms and cis-sexist understandings of gender that dominate many spaces and social situations.

How people that identify as and/or have experiences of being transgender are represented is hugely important.  The wider academic project used photography and interviews to ensure that Taz, Alex, Alec and Felix had much freedom as possible to represent themselves and their experiences as they want them to be represented. This website includes images and captions produced by Taz, Alex, Alec and Felix between June and August 2014.

If you are interested in taking part in similar future projects, know someone who might be or have any questions or comments please contact Laura Marshall  laura.marshall.13[at]

For project updates follow Laura on twitter: @LMarshallUCL


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